Any problem you have with your iphone, samsung phone or any other cell phone you have, we can repair it. ePhone Services is known for iphone repair since 2008 and its the right place for you to repair your phone because all our techs are experts in phone repair. Check the list of things we do repair. If you do not see a repair that you need below, give us a call at (408) 835-8460 and our techs can assist you.

  • Liquid Damage repair
  • Speaker & Microphone Faults
  • Broken Screen /LCD Problems
  • Slide & Flip Problems
  • Buttons / Keypads not working
  • Battery / Power Faults (not charging, battery depletion)
  • Software Problems (not loading up / handset crashing)
  • Software Upgrade (faster processing, language change)
  • Charging Problems
  • Physical Damage (handset dropped, thrown, trod on, driven over)
  • Network Unlock / SIM Restriction Removal
  • Signal No Reception / Antenna Faults


Our services are also available to mobile phone retailers and importers, we offer corporate accounts. We look forward to working with you.